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Why choose Frank for your event?

Influential Industry Leader

Before fulfilling speaking and coaching others to grow their business, Frank built his own flourishing landscaping companies and teams. His presentations are based on real life experiences and offers innovative solutions and technologies that are used by the most efficient and profitable companies in the industry. 

People tend to relate to another’s life experiences and stories, and as all my experiences have taught me very practical life lessons and perspectives, I base my talks on my personal journeys.


Presentations tailored to your specific needs

Before each presentation I meet with the decision makers of a company in order to realize the dynamics of the environment and learn to understand the company’s vision and goals and what it is you wish to achieve through my presentation.


I’m a professional

I have been a professional motivational speaker for ten years. I have managed to hone my skills during this time. I never do the same speech twice and will always speak from the heart.

I love what I do, and it shows. I often say it is not a job, it is passion and that is why I’m not only successful, but also significant. My life is purpose-driven.

I’ll inspire and motivate you, your employees and your clients to positively change.

I live to help people reach their greatest potential

I believe that if you have big dreams, plan well and minimize risk…nothing is impossible. We need to stop blaming and feeling entitled, but rather to lead lives of integrity and responsibility.

I inspire people to dream big and never give up. I teach you how to train your team to reach their fullest potential. I direct audiences to the importance of being an asset. ‘If you are not an asset you are a liability’.

I inspire people every day – through my talks, interviews, in my writing and practically.

I’m open, honest and humorous and love to share my life story which I talk about openly and honestly

We all share many similar life issues, challenges, happy and sad moments. There is no better way than to connect with communities through joy and humour, it unites us all. At the end of the day, we all aspire to happiness. I share what we need to do as people in order to find ourselves in a “place of happy” more often in our lives.


  • Speaks at over 80 industry events per year.
  • Many Manufacturers and industry partners choose Frank to help educate and inspire their contractors, such as Unilock, Techo-Bloc, Belgard/Oldcastle, Oaks/Brampton Brick, Semco Stone, Gagné & Son Concrete Product, the Landscape Management Network (LMN), Landscape Ontario, Landscape Nova Scotia, Landscape NB & PEI, Manitoba Nursery & Landscape Association, Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association, New Jersey Landscape Contractor Association and many more.  
  • Founder and Host of the Landscape & Hardscape Business Summit, a virtual online yearly event which attracted more than 25,000 viewers and 3,200 participants in 2019.When the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute committed to bringing on a new program to assist with the workforce development initiative in the industry, Frank Bourque was hired as the expert and developer for the new ICPI Boot Camp Program. 
  • Host for the some of the largest, most attended demonstrations and industry events, such as Hardscape North America, GIE Expo and Landscape Ontario Congress Hardscape Live.
  • Works with over 100 companies per year as a coach through executive coaching, peer groups, mastermind groups, team trainings and one on one coaching.
  • Developer & writer of the ICPI Boot Camp Program


"Frank is simply one of the best speakers I have seen. He has a presence that fills the whole room. 
Add to that his quick wit, brilliant insights, and wildly entertaining storytelling, and you have a combination that is life-changing every time."
- Sam Gembel, President of Atlas Outdoor

Frank brings experience, knowledge and talent to the stage. His entertaining conferences, innovative events and coaching are elevating the industry. He is truly transforming how we bring education to our contractors."
- Tony Digiovanni, Executive Director of Landscape Ontario

"Very enlightening! Your presentations are a must see for anyone looking to grow their business, profits and team culture."
- Artilio Renon, President of Great North Advance Hardscape Solutions

"When Frank Bourque says he is going to do something, HE DOES IT.  It is no coincidence that he has made such a name for himself and is so successful with his consulting and involvement in the landscape and hardscape industry.  Anyone considering working with Frank Bourque is in very good hands."
- Patrick J. DuChene, CEO of DuChene Design Solutions


Book our first discovery meeting and we'll discuss the best options I have to offer in order to help you improve your productivity and increase your profits.


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